In Gjirokastra Heritage Days were celebrated in the first week of October 2022 (6-7-8 October) due to bad weather in September. In the bazaar area was organized the annual artisan fair and Gjirokastra Foundation P4 organized an open day event where the locals had access to the GjiroArt and their activities – the artisan women […]

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: The UNESCO World Heritage city, Gjirokastra welcomes creators and makers for the second year to be inspired by this historic venue and leave their works of art, crafted through stories. This is an open call to all artists, artisans, creators, architects, museum curators, cultural managers, makers, and designers alike, both national and […]

To celebrate the heritage days, an event in the format of an “open day’ was organized by the local partner at the Obelisku premises, in the historic center of Gjirokastra, which is one of the very first historic buildings restored and revitalized by the Giirokastra Foundation in 2001.  The building was opened for the public […]

“Traditional costumes and local motifs”, July 2021 The task of traditional costumes included learning and explanations from the master of costumes the tradition and the rich heritage of Gjirokastra.  The kids were given costumes and explained the main elements of a costume. They could touch directly the costumes and sketch and pain particular motifs.   […]

“Objects as Memory’ organised – on the Museums Day may 2021 We have memories with us, we do have heritage that is there at our homes, with our families. Kids had tasks to bring an object from their homes which was old or inherited. The mentors interacted by making children to interpret these objects. Costumes […]

Gjirokastra Foundation Winner of European Heritage Award/ Europa Nostra Awards 2021 The Gjirokastra Foundation, established in 2001, is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation for the preservation of cultural heritage, and its development for the social and economic benefit of the remarkable UNESCO World Heritage site of Gjirokastra and its surroundings. The Foundation’s work has continuously […]

CALL FOR APPLICATION: This is a call open to artists, creators, architects, makers and designers and alike both national and international, to take part in the ARTECH Creative camp, from the 20-27 June 2021 in the historic center of Gjirokastra in Albania. This camp is organized in the frame and spirit of the ARTECH project […]

“Sofra e Anéve”, (Grandma’s cooking) idea of Gjirokastra Foundation is one of the winners of Green Idea 2017 Competition. This idea aims to develop culinary tourism tours in the city of Gjirokastra, relying on the rich tradition of “home cooking” and use of home garden products. The idea aims as well to promote the local […]

Gjirokastra, 5th June 2017   The World Environment Day 2017 is celebrated today in Gjirokastra with the students of the 6th grade of Naim Frasheri school. This year’s theme was ‘Connecting People to Nature’. The theme has been introduced to the students after a walk in the natural surroundings of the Gjirokastra Castle, where they have seen […]

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