Gjirokastra, 5th June 2017


The World Environment Day 2017 is celebrated today in Gjirokastra with the students of the 6th grade of Naim Frasheri school.

This year’s theme was ‘Connecting People to Nature’. The theme has been introduced to the students after a walk in the natural surroundings of the Gjirokastra Castle, where they have seen examples of the very closed connection of the local cultural heritage with natural heritage – which is one of the typical and characteristic features of Gjirokastra.

Students discussed what they saw and worked in groups to create a dedicated slogan: ‘If you protect the environment you protect life and heritage, so let’s plant a tree and save it!’

A special guest during the activity was Sara Zanini, a Cultural Heritage professional from Italy, which is currently undertaking an internship at the Gjirokastra Foundation.

Participants re-discovered their connection with nature dancing and singing spontaneously all together in a very festive and joyful atmosphere.

The event has been organized by the Gjirokastra Foundation, in the frame of the SENIOR II program for supporting the civil society organization in Albania, with financial support by Swedish Government through Regional Environment Center – REC Albania.


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