CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: The UNESCO World Heritage city, Gjirokastra welcomes creators and makers for the second year to be inspired by this historic venue and leave their works of art, crafted through stories. This is an open call to all artists, artisans, creators, architects, museum curators, cultural managers, makers, and designers alike, both national and […]

Gjirokastra Foundation Winner of European Heritage Award/ Europa Nostra Awards 2021 The Gjirokastra Foundation, established in 2001, is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation for the preservation of cultural heritage, and its development for the social and economic benefit of the remarkable UNESCO World Heritage site of Gjirokastra and its surroundings. The Foundation’s work has continuously […]

CALL FOR APPLICATION: This is a call open to artists, creators, architects, makers and designers and alike both national and international, to take part in the ARTECH Creative camp, from the 20-27 June 2021 in the historic center of Gjirokastra in Albania. This camp is organized in the frame and spirit of the ARTECH project […]

“Sofra e Anéve”, (Grandma’s cooking) idea of Gjirokastra Foundation is one of the winners of Green Idea 2017 Competition. This idea aims to develop culinary tourism tours in the city of Gjirokastra, relying on the rich tradition of “home cooking” and use of home garden products. The idea aims as well to promote the local […]

The Artisan Program – In 2007, an Artisan Center was created to provide the facilities to organize a series of trainings for the crafts and artisans (wood and stone carving, tailoring, embroidery, textile) which have had a great impact in the invigoration of the artisan production in Gjirokastra. Nowadays, an Association of the Artisan Women […]

Publications : The foundation is the main organization publishing various books and articles, both for scientific and touristic use, in relation with the attractions, historic places and UNESCO sites in the surrounding areas of Albania. The publications included: Four Historic Cities in the Western Balkans – Values and Challenges (2012) publication dedicated to heritage and […]

Seven Fountains of Gjirokastra

Restoration of Hamam and Revitalization Seven Fountains of Gjirokastra: This project has transformed an ex town rubbish dump into a small park, restoring the Seven Fountains and Haman within it. The work was undertaken by the local office of the Institute of Monuments and was supervised by Richard Andrews, a senior architect-restorer from the UK. […]

Restoration and Revitalization of Zekate House (2004-2005): In May 2004 a full study and recording of the architectural and distinctive features of the Zekate House was undertaken by Richard Andrews, through the Butrint Foundation. Professor Emin Riza (Institute of Monuments, Tirana), Albania’s greatest authority on the houses of Gjirokastra, subsequently designed a project for the […]

Albanian Iso-Polyphony project

The promotion of the Albanian Iso-Polyphony project: Obelisku Iso-Polyphonic group project (2010) aimed at reconnecting the youth with the heritage and in particular with ancient polyphonic singing. Albanian Iso-Polyphony Singing has been recognized as an Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO in 2005. The ancient tradition of Iso-polyphonic singing is deeply intertwined with Albanian national identity, […]

Bazaar of Gjirokastra

The Revitalization projects of the Bazaar of Gjirokastra (2007) – The revitalization of the traditional Bazaar started with the restoration of some buildings in the Bazaar, by showcasing artisan skills of heritage value at the annual National Culture Heritage and Artisan Fair in Gjirokastra. Currently there are arts and crafts shops in the Bazaar that […]