To celebrate the heritage days, an event in the format of an “open day’ was organized by the local partner at the Obelisku premises, in the historic center of Gjirokastra, which is one of the very first historic buildings restored and revitalized by the Giirokastra Foundation in 2001.  The building was opened for the public on this day.  

The event was used as a presentation of the work of the foundation in the last 20 years, to present the Europa Nostra Awards 2021 and as a discussion/debate where the locals and the local authorities talked about the challenges of developing Gjirokastra and its heritage.

In the event attended and interacted with the talk, the head of the Regional Council, the head of the Prefecture Institution, the head of Regional Directory for Cultural Heritage of Gjirokastra, the Mayor Office, Europa Nostra representatives, and as well citizens of Gjirokastra, heritage officers, artisans etc.

The event was organized 4th of October 2022 around – 30 people attended.