Publications : The foundation is the main organization publishing various books and articles, both for scientific and touristic use, in relation with the attractions, historic places and UNESCO sites in the surrounding areas of Albania. The publications included:

  • Four Historic Cities in the Western Balkans – Values and Challenges (2012) publication dedicated to heritage and arts and crafts in Gjirokastra, Ioannina, Ohrid and Prizren.
  • Integrated Management of Historic Towns (2012) in four languages, Albanian, English, Macedonian and Greek.
  • Walls and Bridges – a documentary film dedicated to the common heritage in the fours historic cities in the Balkan, Ohrid, Ioannina, Prizren, and Gjirokastra, in four languages (Albanian, English, Macedonian and Greek). Also included was the experience of the German city of Regensburg on the managements of the chances and challenges the heritage represents.
  • Shtepia ime (My house) a handbook in Albanian for the maintenance of the historic buildings and development of tourist activities in them.
  • The Essential Guide – Gjirokastra (2009) and three tourists maps in Albanian and English for the city and its surroundings (2008- 2015) for use by locals and turists.

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