Restoration and Revitalization of Zekate House (2004-2005): In May 2004 a full study and recording of the architectural and distinctive features of the Zekate House was undertaken by Richard Andrews, through the Butrint Foundation. Professor Emin Riza (Institute of Monuments, Tirana), Albania’s greatest authority on the houses of Gjirokastra, subsequently designed a project for the first phase of conservation of the Zekate House, namely the conservation of the great stone roof, the windows and the basic structure of the building. The work on the house began in June 2004 and was completed in spring 2005. During spring 2005 the work began on the conservation of the interior of the Zekate House, led by two teams of specialists from the Institute of Monuments in Tirana. The frescos on the walls and fireplace in the great hall were conserved, as well as the decorative and painted woodwork in the rooms of the upper floors. In addition, local craftsmen replaced wooden elements in the windows and ceilings and specialists restored the elaborate stained glass windows. The work was completed in September 2005.