Artisan Profile

Name:  Muhedin Makri
Skill :  Stone Carver  & Iron Worker

Muhedin Makri has been working as a stone carver for 12 years. His passion for working with stone and his natural artistic abilities  quickly  made him a  specialist  in this type of carving. After the fall of Communism he worked for ten years in the nearby Greek city of Ioannina. He is now employed in a private business in Gjirokastra. Muhedin.  Aged 66, he spends his free time working on stone carvings, which are on display in the Artisan Handicraft Shop. (see below)

Telephone;  + 355 (0) 842 632 99
Mobile; + 355 (0) 69 26 17 562
Address; Lagja “Dunavati i Parë”