Artisan Profile

Name:  Leonora CICI
Skill :  Embroidery

Eleonora Cici was only 17 years- old when she learned how to make woolen rugs, silky blankets and other textiles on the loom at the State Factory in Gjirokastra. She worked there for 12 years until the venture was disbanded in 1993 after the fall of Communism. But her talent and flair for textiles did not remain idle.  She turned to embroidery.
She learned this skill at “Katerina”, a privately-run local workshop that offered skills-training for local women. She worked at this centre for four years, honing and refining techniques to reach the level of a professional.
Since 1997, Elenora, 44, has been working as a free-lance artisan. This craftswoman delights brides with exquisite pieces for their dowries including tablecloths, sheets, slipcovers and doilies. 
Tel + 355 (0 ) 842 625 05
Mobile (0) 69 23 48 293,
Address; Bazaar’s Pass, Gjirokastra