From Gjirokastra to PËRMET

Këlcyrë Gorge waterfalls

Përmet is located 60 kilometres away from Gjirokastra; take the road running north in the direction of Tepelenë and turn right just before reaching Tepelenë.  The road takes you over the large Dragot Bridge across the river.  It is worth stopping to enjoy the view of the Vjosë Valley, one of pearls of the Albanian landscape.  Dragot Bridge was built by the Italians before World War II.  The village of Dragot is located on the hillside well above the bridge.  To continue to Përmet take the next right.  Before reaching Përmet you have to cross the Gorge of Këlcyrë, a deep-running canyon with lush vegetation.

Following the gorge is the town of Këlcyrë, a small town with a rich history, and famous for its wine production and fruit processing. The ruined palace of the Beys of Këlcyrë who once ruled the province overlooks the town.

View of Përmet

Once in Përmet town you cannot fail to notice a gigantic rock rising up from the shores of the Vjosë River. Forty-eight meters high, it leaves the impression of being placed there on purpose, perhaps by the hand of a giant.  A stroll around the old quarter of the town is a rewarding experience as is a lunch by the Vjosë River!  Përmet is well-known across Albania for its hospitality and excellent cooking.  Other attractions are the 12th-century Church of St. Mary of Kosinë and 18th-century church of Leusë.  Përmet has fifteen other churches, and four mosques.